About Audiences

Audience targeting shows your ads to the most relevant audiences related to your campaigns' goals.

Build audiences through segments, which group people based on specific characteristics, interests, or shopping behaviors.

When selecting an audience, choose to:

  • Activate Criteo’s AI-powered, automated audiences for Prospecting and Retargeting that continuously drive toward your goals.

  • Build targeted segments from two data sources, your first-party data, or Criteo’s shopping intent data.

Take a quick look at the different audiences and segments:


  • Prospecting: Find people at scale who are a good fit for your brand or services, when they are exhibiting active shopping intent. 

  • Retargeting: Criteo’s AI works to re-engage people who have visited your website or app and brings them back with personalized ads to complete further actions.


Using your data:

  • Contact List: Reach users who you know by onboarding and targeting lists of offline CRM, CDP, DSP or store data.

  • Events: Segment users based on their website or app path to purchase actions, such as visiting site sections to purchasing frequency like reaching one-time buyers.

Using Criteo-powered data: 

  • In-market: Engage shoppers based on specific brands and product categories they are actively shopping for. Refine by selecting product price ranges, user purchasing power, and gender affinity.

  • Location: Reach people based in specific geographical locations relevant to your client's business. 


  • Lookalike: Reach people who look like, behave like, or are interested in things similar to your existing contacts.

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