Customizable Audience

Use this audience type to create highly targeted audience groups from Criteo's and your data.

For example:

  • You are a fitness brand looking to acquire new customers who have never purchased before and are potentially interested in your new line of sneakers. You can use Customizable Audience to target people who are fitness enthusiasts AND in-market for sneakers but NOT in a Contact List from your CRM.

The combination of these segments will allow you to create a single audience that you can target in your ad sets.

How to create a Customizable Audience

1. From the left navigation panel, head to Audiences and click on the Create audience button.

2. From the menu that opens, select Customizable Audience.

3. Name your audience.

4. Build your audience by dragging-and-dropping segments from the left panel into the Audience Builder space in the right.

5. Choose to Include or Exclude the segment from your Customizable Audience by selecting the options at the top left of the added segment.

6. Click the "+" icon on the left to add another segment into your Customizable Audience.

7. Select "AND" or "OR" on the left of the Audience Builder to define the relationship between the segments.

  • AND narrows down your audience size as your targeted user must be from all the selected segments to be included in the audience.

  • OR increases your audience size as your targeted user need only be in one of the selected segments to be included in the audience.

8. Click on the list icon at the top-right of each segment to create a subgroup of segments. Within each subgroup, you can apply steps 5 to 7.


You might see this error message indicating that your audience size is too big, because the rules in your Audience Builder do not sufficiently limit the number of people in your audience.

This could be because:

  • Nothing is included and one segment is excluded.

  • One segment in an "OR" grouping is excluded.

  • Two segments in an "AND" grouping are excluded.