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Location Segments

Location audience segments allow you to target a set of users that are based in geographical regions important to your business. Location is a key indicator of customer intent. By adding a location element to your audience targeting strategy, you can further refine how you find new customers for your business.

How it works?

  1. Define relevant points of interest: Indicate which geographical location(s) are important to your business and specify a radius.

  2. Combine with other audience intent signals: Combine your location segment with other audience segments such as your first-party data segments or other Criteo segments such as our in-market and prospecting segments.

  3. Drive outcomes where they matter to you: Inspire action online or in-store based on your business objective by applying Criteo’s flexible optimization and personalization settings.

How to create a Location Segment?

  1. Navigate to the Audience section of Commerce Growth and open the Segments tab

  2. Select Create segment and name your new segment.

  3. You can either upload a list of location coordinates via a .csv file or manually enter locations by entering the latitude and longitude coordinates.

  4. Indicate a radius around the location(s) you’ve entered.

  5. Save your segment.

  6. Create a new ad set via the Campaigns manager and attach your location segment in the audience creation section.

Alternatively, you could create a new location segment directly within the ad set creation process and launch the ad set directly. Steps 2 and 3 above will remain the same once in the audience setup section of ad set creation.    

To change a location segment attached to an ad set:

  • Navigate to the Segment tab in Audiences section.

  • Create your new location segment.

  • Navigate to the Campaign section and select the Ad sets tab.

  • Use the three dots icon to the right of the ad set to select Audience under the Edit section.

  • Choose your new location segment.

Alternatively, you can create a new location segment directly in the Ad Set editing flow and immediately use it to replace the existing one.

Location segments are based on a variety of signals including user settings, devices, and behavior across websites and in physical stores. It is Criteo’s best effort to serve ads to users in locations important to your business while also respecting user privacy settings. Because the signal inputs vary, 100% location accuracy is not guaranteed.