Prospecting Audience

Prospecting Audience

Prospecting audiences allow you to run automated prospecting at scale. Let Criteo find your next customers. Our AI-powered, audience-modeling tech finds in-market shoppers ready to interact with your business. Behavioral and contextual signals combine to target the right customers, across any environment, without any guesswork about where to allocate your spending.

You can use Prospecting Audiences to achieve new customer acquisition objectives such as new customer traffic or conversions.

How to set up

  1. Open the right Navigation menu and select Manage & Measure > Campaigns > Ad Sets.

  2. Select Create ad set and then select the campaign you wish to assign it to. 

  3. Name your ad set and select Prospecting as your audience type from the audience menu.

  4. Name your audience 

  5. Select any preferred audience settings: 

    • Choose to target only prospective buyers by leaving the Target specific buyers to toggle set off. Or choose to include people who have visited your site by switching the toggle on and specifying a range of days in which a user is eligible to be included in the audience.

    • Choose to exclude specific audiences by turning the Choose to exclude a specific audience toggle on and then either selecting an existing contact list or creating a new one.   

  6. Complete the remainder of the campaign creation process.