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Ad campaign Goals, Objectives and Cost controllers

This article will help you choose the right advertising objective for a newly launched Criteo campaign to meet your Goal for Customer Acquisition and Retention.

How to choose your Campaign Goal?

Determine the profile of your target customer and select between Acquisition and Retention to find your next top buyer or turn your audience into loyal customers. 

Let’s say you want to: 

  • Raise awareness of your brand or get more visits to your website. 
    Then you need to create an Acquisition Campaign to engage with new users who will discover your brand, products, and website.
    We recommend using wider audiences like Automated Prospecting or Criteo-powered audiences to reach more new potential clients.

  • Focus on driving more conversions to your website. 
    Then, you need to create a Retention Campaign to engage with users who have not purchased anything yet on your website.
    We recommend using Automated retargeting, events audiences, or first-party segments based on your own encrypted data.

Read more about best practices on audiences for Acquisition and Retention here.