Your catalog and events quality score

Catalog and event quality is defined as the number of Product IDs fed into the Criteo OneTag that match with Product IDs from your product catalog. This calculation is reliant on having the Criteo OneTag implemented correctly on all your product pages.

Example: If there are 10,000 Criteo OneTag ViewItem event hits, and 9,500 Product IDs in those product event hits match a Product ID in the feed, then the quality is 95%.


The importance of product catalog and event quality

A good product catalog and event quality is important for the performance of your Criteo campaign(s). A low quality means that we are not able to match a significant proportion of the user actions on your website with your products in the Criteo product catalog.


Low product catalog and event quality score

Usually, a low score is caused by Product IDs being passed by Criteo OneTag events that do no match any Product ID from your product catalog.

If you are missing products displayable on your website in the product catalog, the quality will be low. Check that all displayable products on your website are provided in the product catalog.

For example, if the ID of this product http://exmplcom/sw7 is B789465 in the catalog, then the ID passed into the Criteo OneTag viewItem event must also be B789465.

If the Product ID is in your product catalog, we may not be able to display the product because:

  • Mandatory information is missing for this product in your Criteo catalog. 
  • The product in your Criteo catalog is in a non-recommendable state. 

Checking your score

If you have recently updated your website, you should check for possible impacts on your events and on your Criteo product catalog. Make sure your products are consistent between your product catalog and your website.

To check, visit the Events Tracking section in Management Center. Here you can see if there are any issues with your catalog and event quality score. To check the score for a specific event type, click the "eye" button on the right side of the event type that you want to check.

A new dashboard will open where you can see the match score. Ideally, it should always be above 80%. Right below, you will find the match rate curve, which has the historical score data for the period that you selected.

To identify Product IDs that are lowering your quality score, you can go to the non-displayable products in the section below. Here, you can differentiate between Product IDs sent on the events that are not in your product catalog from those that are excluded or that are out of stock.

You can download a full CSV report by clicking on "non-displayable report" in this section.

Accurate extension

If you want to debug this event type, you can download and install the Accurate extension from the Criteo tool section in Management Center. Simply visit a few pages where the Criteo event that you are checking is fired, and match the value of the event’s product ID with the product ID value of your product catalog. 

To install this extension, go to the Events Tracking module and click on the eye icon on the event that you want to debug. There, you'll find the instructions to install the plugin. Copy the API key that appears there and click the "Download now" button in the Criteo tool section.

This extension is only compatible with Google Chrome. Once you install the extension, paste the API key to finish setting up the extension.