Why should I share my offline sales data with Criteo?

90%* of retail sales take place in-store.  Without joining the dots between online and offline, you are missing the opportunity to leverage the power of performance digital display advertising to drive shoppers to your largest sales channel. 

Criteo’s offline sales onboarding capability provides an automated way for your store sales data to be ingested and deterministically matched to online shopper profiles within Criteo’s identity graph, enabling you to:

  • Drive store conversions by leveraging your offline sales data plus additional store intent signals gathered online, to deliver highly relevant messages to entice shoppers to visit their favorite brick-and-mortar store to make a purchase
  • Increase reach to your addressable audience by identifying in-store only shoppers and targeting them with digital display campaigns across the open web
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience with relevant, personalized product recommendations based on sales that occur in all channels
  • Accurately measure the impact of your digital performance marketing campaigns across all commerce channels 

*US census data, August 2017

Find out more about how you can pass your offline sales data to Criteo: