Viewability metrics in Analytics

At Criteo, viewability metrics are available in the Analytics module in the online conversion, traffic consideration, metrics analysis, custom reports, and placements dashboards.

What makes us different? 

Viewability at Criteo is driven by our AI Engine that analyzes in real-time the context of every impression, so your customers see the best ads for every stage of their journey.

Criteo follows the definition of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) for viewability. This means 50% of the ad’s pixels are visible in the browser window for at least one continuous second.


We display three different metrics:

  • Viewed displays

  • Unviewed displays

  • Untracked displays (including native and video inventory)

The viewability ratio that Criteo provides is based on viewed and unviewed metrics; we do not take untracked displays into account for the calculation. For example, if 45% of tracked displays are viewed, while 25% of tracked displays are unviewed, and we have 30% of untracked displays, the viewability ratio is 64%.