Offline sales onboarding - API integration

Integration through Criteo's offline sales onboarding API offers an automated way to upload your offline sales data, and means sales can be ingested into Criteo’s identity graph in real-time.

The offline sales onboarding API is a writing REST API which uses a POST method with JSON Request body.  An example of the full JSON request body can be found here.

Please see below the set of transaction data parameters that must be provided in the JSON Request body in order to pass your offline sales data to the Criteo Offline API. 

To request access to the offline sales onboarding API endpoint, please get in touch with your Criteo Account Strategist.

1.1 - account data

2.1 - id data

Criteo uses hashed email as the identifier parameter. 

Emails will be ingested into Criteo’s identity graph as SHA256 of an MD5. If you are unable to provide emails in this format you can provide either raw or MD5 encrypted emails, which will be hashed on the fly by Criteo before being ingested. 

3.1 - events[ ] data

Please find below the event parameters that must be pushed to Criteo as an array.  Each event is a JSON object with a predefined parameter.