Modeled (All) metrics in Analytics

At Criteo, modeled metrics are available in the Analytics module and can be added to your custom reports. We currently have the following metrics available:

  • Visits All

  • Cost Per Visit All

  • Sales All

  • Cost Per Order All

What are modeled metrics?

Modeled metrics are standard performance metrics enriched with data from several sources that estimate the performance of users we could not observe on your website. Denoted by “All” in the metric name, our modeled data provides you a more accurate view of advertising performance while respecting the user’s choice to reject cookies for advertising. Based off of users we can observe, Criteo will model the performance of similar users that do not consent to be tracked for advertising on your website.

We believe measurement and understanding advertising performance is paramount for any marketer. While we now have modeled metrics available, there will be no changes to the existing metrics you’re familiar with. We want to show both observed and modeled metrics to help you better understand performance.