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Intro to the Criteo OneTag

The Criteo OneTag is a code snippet that must be installed in the source code of your website.

It helps you measure and understand the actions that people take on your website.

It loads asynchronously, which means it won't affect your site loading time or customer experience.

How does it work?

Criteo OneTag allows Criteo to collect data based on each user’s journey on your website.

When someone interacts with your website (for example, browsing a product page, adding items to a cart, searching for products, and more), the Criteo OneTag picks up this action, stores it, analyzes it, and uses it to display personalized product recommendations for both your existing audiences and new ones, depending on your ad campaign objectives. 

The more actions that the Criteo OneTag collects, the better your campaigns become at delivering ads to the people most likely to engage with your website.