How you can get prepared for Black Friday

Prepare your campaigns for the annual peak shopping season (Black Friday through Cyber Monday) between 60 to 30 days in advance to drive traffic during the shopper browsing period and before peak season when businesses receive the highest number of purchases.

The month before the Black Friday peak season it’s time to convert. Target users that demonstrate interest in your offerings, and focus on a conversion objective. Additionally, in October and November leading up to Cyber Week it’s a great time to focus on new customer acquisition, as the share of new buyers rises during this time.

To manage your campaigns, visit the Campaigns module within the Commerce Growth platform:

Navigate to the Ad Sets tab to adjust the cost controller of your campaign(s). We recommend making changes to your cost controller through Q4 to help take advantage of this peak shopping period. This way, you will increase the reach of your campaign, leading to more clicks and conversions.

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