How can I pass my offline sales data to Criteo?

There are 3 options for passing Criteo your offline sales data.  Please visit the updated support pages for more details:

  1. Flat file catalog integration
  2. Offline sales onboarding API
  3. Data partner integrations. Our strategic partnerships allow you to easily pass us your offline sales data via your data partners such as CRM and Marketing software providers, Digital Receipts and Loyalty providers, Integration Platforms and Point of Sale providers, through direct integrations.

The offline sales data file must include:

  • Shopper ID (provided as hashed email)
  • Transaction data (i.e. prices and quantities)
  • Product level data (i.e. product ID)
  • Store ID
  • Timestamp (to the minute)

In order to run Store Conversions campaigns, you will also need to:

  • Pass your Store Directory to provide relevant store details in ads
  • Capture online store intent with Criteo OneTag
  • Pass your Local Inventory (optional) to filter which products are available at each store
Please get in touch with your Criteo Account Strategist to find out more.