Criteo Resellers Program API V2 - Full Reference Guide


The following concepts are used in the Criteo Reseller Program API

  • Budget - a budget limits the spending of a seller on one or more campaigns. It has an initial amount as well as a spent amount. It also has a start and end date. Clicks on an ad sold through a seller campaign are billed against the associated budget according to the negotiated rate. A budget may be consumed by multiple seller campaigns as long as they belong to the same seller.
  • Campaign - a campaign is a course of action to promote products from your Sellers.
  • Advertiser- The advertiser is the entity advertising on behalf of the Seller. Typically, the advertiser is a marketplace using the CRP solution to monetize the Seller Advertising Budget. Aliases: Marketplace
  • Seller - a seller sell products on your marketplace. A seller benefits from a campaign by getting more exposure of products on the internet through the Criteo platform. However a Seller does not interact financially with Criteo.
  • Seller Campaign - a seller campaign is a resource that encapsulates the business rules agreed upon by the seller to use in a specific campaign. For example, it contains the maximum bid the seller is willing to place on some campaign. Different platforms (web vs mobile) typically have different campaigns.

The resources exposed in this API are the following:

  • Advertisers (advertisers)
  • Seller (sellers)
  • Seller Campaign (seller-campaigns)
  • Budget (budgets)

In addition, the v1 Campaign resource (/marketing/v1/campaigns) is also referenced from the API.

These resources each have globally unique identifiers, except for the seller campaign for which the sellerId and the campaignId serve as a unique identifier.

The seller resource is associated with an advertiser and also has a unique name in that context.


The design of the v2 schema is based on the following relationship diagram for the most important resources.  

Note that every Seller Campaign uses a composite primary key consisting of a single Seller and a single Campaign. It can be associated to multiple Budget resources. A budget may be consumed by multiple seller campaigns as long as they belong to the same seller. However, the business rules stipulate that there is at most one current daily budget and one current non-daily budget. A daily budget may be configured without a non-daily budget behind it, but by itself a daily budget is not sufficient to activate a Seller Campaign and start serving ads; a non-daily (AKA "total") budget is required.  

API Endpoints





This service root will be used exclusively for the Reseller Program domain. In the past the Reseller Program was part of the service root under the sellers URI path segment.

The rest of this section is organized by URI address. There are four major subsections:

  • Advertisers
  • Sellers (sellers)
  • Seller Campaigns (seller-campaigns)
  • Budgets (budgets)

Each subsection starts with a table of supported endpoints.