Criteo Resellers Program API Guide V2.0

About the API

Before getting started, here a few things you need to know about the API


All amounts expressed in the Criteo REST API are expressed in your local currency, including:

  • Performance numbers (e.g. COS, Spend, …),
  • Budgets and bids

Time Zone

All dates in the Criteo REST API are shown in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Data Freshness

Remaining budget and statistics are not real time. That's why Remaining budget can have up to 30 minutes delay and Statistics and can have up to a few hours of delay. Hence a seller can be inactive while their spent amount is still increasing. The sellers’ ads are not displayed anymore, but the spent budget is increasing as data is catching up.

API usage recommendations

When updating large batches of budgets or bids, you should implement these changes in separated, batched API calls as opposed to many individual calls as this may lead to throttling.

One call should be marked for bids, and another call for budgets. Both calls will contain the correct bids per campaigns and budgets for the given or multiple campaigns.

EXAMPLE: You need to set bids and budgets for 10 different sellers. We recommend you send 1 API call for seller-campaign endpoint and 1 call for budgets endpoint, with both containing respective sellers desired bids and budgets.