Campaign spend limits

Campaign spend limits allow you to specify the maximum amount that you will be billed for a campaign for a given renewal period. This limit will be applied to all ad sets that are grouped under the campaign.

Campaign spend limits are a good way to ensure multiple ad sets adhere to a total budget. However, as there are no pacing or delivery distribution for spend limits, spend will be allocated depending on the ad set budget settings. If no ad set budgets are set, spend will be allocated to the ad set with the highest demand or performance.

Spend limits are determined by three renewal periods:

  • Daily: The amount to be spent at a daily level. Renewed at 00:00 UTC every day
  • Monthly: The amount to be spent over the calendar month. Renewed on the 1st of every calendar month
  • Lifetime: The amount to be spent over the course of the campaign's lifetime. Will take into account total spend to date for all associated ad sets. Will not renew or reset

Spend limit planning

The spend limit planning option allows you to schedule changes to your campaign spend limit, within the same renewal type.
Please note that once you schedule spend limit changes, you will not be able to switch renewal types until the scheduled spend limit changes are removed.

Currently, spend limit planning is only available for Daily renewal periods.

Available fields for Daily spend limit planning:

  • Amount: Changes the spend limit to the designated amount
  • Start date: Applies the spend limit change on the specified date. Please note that only one change can be scheduled for each calendar date.