Adaptive ads

Adaptive ads are ideal for advertisers who don’t have a product catalog but would like to benefit from Criteo's Dynamic Creative Optimization+.

Adaptive ads offer:

  • Broader reach: Reach more inventory by adapting to a variety of publisher ad sizes, including native placements

  • Automatic optimization: Over time, the campaign delivers on the combinations that perform the best, showing the most effective versions of the ad and saving you time

  • Use videos: Add your latest videos and increase the number of ad variations to drive optimal campaign performance

  • Simple and quick set-up: Provide a few brand assets to start including images and copy to use across the ads

Are you currently running image ads? Adaptive ads with images and text reach 18% more domains than image ads due to their adaptive nature with any publisher ad space. Campaigns live with adaptive ads (image and text) also see a 14% higher click-through rate and 30% higher return on ad spend in comparison to campaigns with live image ads. 

You can also experiment to compare how each performs with the "optimize and rotate ad delivery strategy".
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