Ad set budgets

The budget setting for ad sets allows you to specify the amount or pacing you’d like your ad set to spend.

Ad set budgets have three renewal periods:

  • Daily: Amount to be spent at a daily level. Renewed at 00:00 UTC every day
  • Monthly: Amount to be spent over the calendar month. Renewed on the 1st of every calendar month.
  • Lifetime: Amount to be spent over the course of the ad sets’ schedule. The duration of a lifetime is determined by ad set schedule. Will not renew or reset

Delivery smoothing

Delivery smoothing can be toggled on if you wish for your budget to pace evenly throughout a renewal period. Based on your input, the budget will display a target average daily spend that it will try to adhere to in order to hit your budget amount.

With delivery smoothing toggled off, your ad set will deliver at the rate determined by the cost-controller of your ad set. To prevent premature discontinuation of your ad set delivery, it’s important to make sure you have a sufficient budget allocated.

If you do not have budget pacing constraints and wish to have your ad sets deliver at their maximum potential, we recommend toggling delivery smoothing off.

As delivery smoothing does require a ramp-up time to achieve maximum stability, refrain from switching between the two options frequently. Otherwise, there is a risk of impacting your campaign performance.