Activating Click and Collect in your Criteo campaigns

With Criteo’s Click and Collect campaigns, you can target users online who are located near a retailer's stores, encouraging them to buy online and then pick up their purchases in-store.

Because of the nature of this transaction, it's essential to target users who are located NEAR the retailer’s stores. To do this, Criteo targets users who are within a specific distance from your stores. You can customize this distance from 3km to 100km.

It's also important to highlight products that are known to be readily available at the store closest to the user.

Click and Collect campaigns have the following features:

  • Target users near your store (can be combined with other audiences, more details below)
  • Show users inventory available in the store nearest to them
  • Encourage Click and Collect behaviors
Set up Click and Collect in your Criteo ads

To use our Click and Collect solution, you’ll need to implement the following components:

Store directory (required)
The store directory is used to assign the closest store for each user.

It also contains the store information that can be used in the creative, such as details like the store name, address, special services, or open hours.

Please note that the store directory must contain the latitude and longitude of each store.   

Local inventory (recommended)  

The local inventory lists the products you sell in each store, allowing us to improve the user experience by displaying the price, quantity, and availability of each product in each store.

Update your sales tag (recommended)  

To properly track the Click and Collect sales vs. regular online sales, you need to hard-code the following parameters in your sales confirmation tag :
  • delivery: "store"
  • user_segment = 18

Example of tag :
<script type="text/javascript">
  var deviceType = /iPad/.test(navigator.userAgent) ? "t" : /Mobile|iP(hone|od)|Android|BlackBerry|IEMobile|Silk/.test(navigator.userAgent) ? "m" : "d"; 
  window.criteo_q = window.criteo_q || [];  
    { event: "setAccount", account: YOUR_PARTNER_ID },          
    { event: "setSiteType", type: deviceType },      
    { event: "setEmail", email: "TRIMMED AND LOWERCASE USER EMAIL ADDRESS" }, 
    { event: "trackTransaction", 
      id: "TRANSACTION ID", 
      delivery: "store", 
      store_id: "THE STORE ID", 
      zipcode: "STORE ZIPCODE", 
      user_segment: 18, 
      item: [  
          id: "FIRST PRODUCT ID",  
          price: FIRST PRODUCT UNIT PRICE,  
          quantity: FIRST PRODUCT QUANTITY 
          id: "SECOND PRODUCT ID", 
          price: SECOND PRODUCT UNIT PRICE, 
          quantity: SECOND PRODUCT QUANTITY
        /* add a line for each product in the user's basket */  



By knowing the position of your physical stores, Criteo will be able to generate a location-based audience and help you target the users that are located close to your stores.

The radius can be customized between 3km and 100 km around a specific geolocation.

These audiences are automatically updated twice per day. They can be combined with your website visitors, a matched audience list, or a Criteo Commerce Audience.

Reach out to your Criteo representative to get more information.

Creatives capabilities

We recommend using creatives that feature Click and Collect messaging and details. For example, you could use Click & Collect or BOPIS calls-to-action like "No shipping fee" or "2-hour pick-up".

To display local inventory available in the store closest to local users, you will need a Local Inventory Feed. To feature store address and/or hours, this will require a Store Directory.