About the Creative Library

The creative library stores all the creatives used to build and manage ads that are delivered across a campaign, enabling creative collaboration in the creative development process. 

A creative is made of all the components your audience will see in an ad. It is a mix of design assets and settings meant to help you define what people will see when looking at your ad.  

Ads link the creatives to one or multiple ad sets and define the inventory type when needed and schedule when the Ad will start and end. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about: 

  • Manage creatives  

  • Add a new creative  

  • Criteo Creatives 

  • Duplicate a creative 

  • Launch a new ad 

  • Creative design statuses 

  • Ad statuses 

Manage creatives 

To manage creatives, go to the creatives section in the navigation pane.  

Creatives are grouped by the ones built in Management Center. It is also possible to preview or see the list of ads linked to creatives built by our team.  You can filter by design status and creative type, or search for a creative by name to manage them. 

All creatives can be used across several ad sets by launching an ad via the action button available on each creative card.

You can edit, duplicate, archive, delete or see the list of ads linked to each creative by clicking on the three-dots of a given creative card. 

Add a new creative 

You can build a creative from the library by going to New Creative available when you select the tab “Your creatives”. There are five creative types that can be built based on your business needs and marketing goals.

Criteo Creatives 

In this version of the Creative Library you can review and approve the creatives designed by our teams. In the next version of the Creative Library the Criteo Creatives tab enables you to preview creatives designed by our team in order to use them within several ad sets by launching ads.

Duplicate a creative  

A creative can be duplicated and maintains the same settings as the original. Duplicating a creative will not impact the ads linked to the creative.

Launching a new ad 

Once you built a creative you can link it to an ad set by launching a new ad.

In this case you’ll have to:

  • Select the Campaign and Ad set where your ad will be delivered

  • If your creative is a Dynamic or Adaptive ad, choose the inventory type: display and/or native.

  • Define click and impression tracking at the ad level (optional)

  • Define your ad’s scheduling

Once the form is validated, your ads are created and will be available under the “Ads tab in Campaign manager. Note that you can find the list of ads launched by clicking on “see linked ads” in the three dots menu of the creative.

Creative design status  

There are several design status’ associated to a creative.  

  • Draft: A draft creative is editable if launched in an ad and includes all the required assets. A deleted draft disappears from the Creative Library and is unrecoverable.

  • Pending: Creative is still deploying to your ad as the assets need to replication. This process can take up to 30 minutes before your creative moves to Ready.

Ready: This creative is currently delivering as it has at least one Ad live and is ready to be used in additional Ad Sets. 

  • Archived: An archived creative could get deleted, which will remove it from the Creative Library and making it unrecoverable.

Ad statuses 

In the Campaign Manager ads tab, your ads can have different statuses:

  • Deploying: Your ad is undergoing deployment. This process can take up to 30 minutes before your ad goes live.

  • Waiting for approval: Our team needs to approve your ad before displaying it in our inventory. This process takes up to 24 hours.

  • Rejected: Your ad was rejected and will not display in our inventory.

  • Live: This ad is delivering on a specific Ad Set.

  • Scheduled: This ad will deliver on the Ad Set once the start date is reached.

  • Not delivering: This ad cannot deliver now nor later because of an issue on the Ad Set or Campaign.

  • Paused: Your ad was delivering but paused via the Off/On toggle.