About product sets

A product set is a group of products that is defined from the product catalog and featured in dynamic ads or showcase ads.

Product sets allow you to feature products, brands and promotions to attract new or existing customers with relevant ads based on your business needs or marketing goals. For example, you can invite your customers to check out new arrivals, showcase promotional products with a message that creates a sense of urgency like “final sale” or up targeting and attract outdoor enthusiasts and showcase the latest gas grills.

You can also use product sets to target messaging across different audiences, showing new arrivals to existing customers and best sellers to attract new customers.

A product set is created with one or a combination of rules using conditions on product attributes available in the catalog.

Once created a product set can be applied to an ad as a product recommendation filter. As a result, only products that belong to that product set are displayed in the ad.

For example, a mass merchant fashion retailer who wants to promote shoes that are less than 100 dollars in an ad would create a “shoes under 100 dollars” product set using the following rules: 

  • “Category 1 of the products is shoes”

  • “Price is smaller than 100”

This product set would then become associated to a dynamic ad or showcase ad. The audience exposed to this ad would only see “shoes under 100 dollars” products.

You can create and manage product sets in the Product catalog module.

In this article, you’ll learn more about how to:

  • Create a new product set

  • Manage product sets

  • Feature a product set in an ad 

  • Best practices using product sets