Audience segments

Audiences are built up of segments, which are groupings of users from either Criteo-powered data, lookalike models, or an advertiser’s own data. Advertisers can combine, include, or exclude segments to build unique audiences using the audience builder

How does Criteo build its segments?

Criteo-powered audiences allow you to target continuously refreshed, high-intent audiences who are actively navigating the web. Criteo’s exclusive segments are based on predictive and real-time behavior across brands, products, lifestyles, or sociodemographic attributes.  We collect user-product interactions (pages browsed, products added to the basket, and purchases). No personal identifiable information (PII) data is collected. 

  The Criteo AI Engine aggregates this data and identifies correlations and patterns of shopping behaviors. We use these analyses to build audience segments based on specific behaviors, such as being in-market for a particular product, or certain lifestyles and interests. Criteo's clients who participate in our network can select these audiences for targeting in their campaigns. These analyses also improve our bidding prediction models, to optimize campaign performance.  
What are the conditions? 

Criteo will only collect user-product interactions following explicit opt-in from our clients, with the possibility to opt out at any point. 
For clients that decide to opt-in, Criteo makes available its aggregated data for targeting initiatives, which includes:  

  • Product categories: where people are browsing, adding to baskets & purchasing in the past 90 days

  • Brand names: where people are browsing in the past 90 days 

  • Gender-based: information classified based on the gender items regularly bought in the past 90 days  caters to

  • Purchasing power: based on the price range of products regularly bought in the past 90 days

Manage Your Existing Segments

You can update your existing audiences and segments the Commerce Growth platform. From the right navigation bar, select ASSETS > Audiences. Here, you can see an overview of all your existing audiences in the Audiences tab and an overview of all of your existing segments in the Segments tab. Within these tabs, you can take actions such as editing or deleting.  

Choose Edit to update the name of your audiences or segments, adjust settings such as selected Commerce interests or evaluate match rates, the number of valid lines, and matched emails for a Contact List. 

To edit a Contact List and replace the file you have attached, you must first remove the file by selecting the close (X) icon next to the file name. You will then be prompted to upload a new email list or user identifier list.

Click on each tile to learn more about segments.