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Where your ads will appear

Criteo gives you unparalleled access to 2 billion shoppers and our vast library of 19,000+ publishers. We’re also the largest external buyers on Google, and our 4,000 premium publisher relationships ensure our clients have first access to premium inventory.

Your ads will appear where your next best customers read, research, learn, and shop. As a result, you’ll accurately reach your customers based on what they want to buy when they’re ready to buy it.

Desktop, mobile, and devices

Your ads will appear in different locations depending on the campaign objective and the audience. This also includes ads across tablet, mobile, and apps, creating a seamless cross-channel and cross-device experience for your customers. 

The Open Internet: What you need to know

Every publisher, retailer, and brand website that isn’t behind a walled garden is part of what Criteo calls “the Open Internet”, where just as many consumers spend their time as on Facebook and Google.

The Open Internet creates opportunities for everyone because:

  • Consumers get better ads and greater consent controls.

  • Publishers drive revenue from relevant, AI-powered ads with no opaque fees.

  • Advertisers reach audiences that aren’t spending time on search and social.

 Criteo is also supply-agnostic. We do not own, operate, or favor any particular source of inventory, so your ads reach the best audience for you.