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Why do I receive an alerts for abnormal drops in tag events?

Criteo will notify you if there is a significant drop for an event that was used in a campaign or audience in the past week. Alerts would be sent if the valid event count drops below a healthy event count. Healthy event count is computed based on statistical data in the last 45 days unique to each partner.

An alert is raised when all the following conditions are met:

  • The number of the previous day’s valid events drops below the computed healthy Event count threshold.

  • The event type or parameter is included as mandatory on at least one tag model associated with an active campaign. Tag Model is based on Ad Set objective, Marketing Campaign Objective Creative type, and other parameters.

  • An alert is sent immediately or after a few days depending on the daily number of events in the last 6 months.

When an alert is raised, the Business Manager, Administrator, and your account manager from Cirteo, will receive a notification in the Commerce Growth platform along with an email notification.

When you receive an alert notification, it will display the name of the event and the dropping percentage. If the alert refers to a certain parameter, the parameter name will be displayed as well and then the dropping percentage will refer to the number of events that didn’t have a valid parameter.

The alert will be automatically dismissed (for the specific event for that specific time period|) if one of the following conditions occurs:

  • The number of events raises above the computed threshold.

  • There is no active ad set associated with the given tag model anymore.

  • The given event type or parameter is removed from the tag model associated with the active campaigns.

Event level alerts

It is possible to spot the drop by checking the events count in the Events Timeline chart as shown in the screenshot below but note that the total number of valid events for a given event type used by the alerting computation includes events from all environments (integration environment) while the Timeline shows the valid events split by environment (Web/iOS/Android tabs) so the drop might not be always visible.

Parameter level alerts

The Event details section contains the list of associated parameters, and for each parameter, a history chart and a sample of events containing the parameter is displayed.

Drops in received events usually happen because of changes to your website and can occur if:

  • Any website changes were made around the time of the detected drop. if yes, ensure all codes and parameters are correct.

  • Check if your events are firing correctly. If not, troubleshoot the error.

  • Your website recently experienced a significant increase in events (for example, due to seasonality) and then returned to normal, you might receive an alert of a significant drop in events because fewer people are visiting and taking action on your website.

  • One or more of your website links stops working, it may be due to webpage moves, changes in file names, or misspellings. Also, check if your website is down.

Note: The error codes are a good hint on what might be wrong with the configuration although we have the same limitation as with event alerts, which is the computation taking into account the overall event count while the UI is splitting them by environment. In the chart above, you can see the total events count along with the error codes attributed to the parameter.