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Plan your campaign performance

Performance planner helps you define and optimize your media plans. Here, you can save, compare and share multiple scenarios of the projected performance of your model and existing Ad Sets.

In the Commerce Growth platform, use the left panel to select Performance planner under the Manage and Measure section.

If you've used Criteo's previous forecasting tool, the same features can be found within the Performance planner. We added the option to save, compare and share multiple plans and access them when needed.   

Plans can help you by generating two types of insights:  

  • The impact changes can have on your Ad Set performance. For example, our plans help you understand how an Ad Set’s controller could affect hypothetical performance. They also enable you to project the appropriate controller value to reach a particular target.  

  • What is needed to reach your goals: For example, how much you would need to invest to achieve 5,000 sales in the coming month. Or how many visits you can expect with a budget of $25,000 in the next quarter. 

You can access and review plans you’ve created and saved in Performance planner. You can also delete any previous plans or download them as CSV files.