Managing agency user accounts

The "Agency team" page clarifies the users, their roles within the agency, and which advertisers are assigned to each user.

The roles listed on this page are in relation to the team member’s role and permissions within the agency.

Agency Administrators can view all members of the agency team. 

This role can: 

  • View the full agency team,

  • Add/Revoke users from agency team (admin/employee),

  • Update agency-level roles,

  • View all advertiser accounts linked to the agency,

  • Assign advertisers to agency users,

  • Define advertiser-level role to agency users for each advertiser account.

Agency Employees have a view that is limited only to their profiles and they can see who the administrators are within the agency.

This role can: 

  • View the agency administrators list,

  • View their own account status,

  • View advertiser accounts assigned to them.