Manage and edit your ad set

Manage and edit your ad set

The Campaigns section lets you create, start, pause and manage Criteo campaigns and gives you access to your ad set controls.

If you’d like to edit an ad set, open the "three dots" menu icon next to a specific ad set. You can then select which aspects of your ad set you'd like to edit

Ad set name
To update the name onscreen.

Bid strategy
To edit your bid strategy, first select your optimization target. Below this, select how you prefer to control your bid strategy. The available options will vary depending on your previous selection.

Based on your cost controller selection, you can either define a daily budget, a performance target, or a manual CPC/CPM bid.

Frequency capping
You can choose the recommended setting to let Criteo optimize how frequently your ads will show, or you may choose to set a limit.

If you set a frequency limit, the Criteo AI Engine will aim to stay within your target number of impressions during the frequency that you select.

If you’d like to edit your budget, this option will take you to the specific page for the ad set's budget. Based on your budget preferences, you can change your budget, its delivery, schedule, and which ad set it’s assigned to.

Edit your ad set scheduling. You can change the launch and end dates (if needed) for a new ad set that is not yet live. You can also add an end date for a live ad set if one is required.

Change the users you target for this ad set. If you’d like to change audience types (Commerce Audiences vs. Similar Audiences, for example), you’ll need to create a new ad set.

Display targeting

You can update the devices, locations, and publisher contexts in which your ads will be displayed. 

Ad delivery strategy

Choose how you would like your ads delivered to users. 

Placement targeting

Choose to allow or deny your ads from appearing on specific publisher websites or apps.