How to troubleshoot security code non delivery

While logging into Commerce Growth, the two-factor authentication system sends you a security code by email.

Sometimes, you may not successfully receive this email.

If this happens to you, you should first check if:

  • You have access to the mailbox associated with the email you use to log in

    If you are using a shared login and can’t access the original mailbox, you will have to create a unique login that you can access. We recommend that you create your own Criteo user account with your business email address.

  • Your automatic email transfer rules to another email system are up to date

    If you have your emails directed to another mailbox system, for example, from Outlook to Gmail, be sure to check your original mailbox.

    • If you have received the email in your original mailbox, you can do the following to ensure the emails are directed properly to the mailbox of your choice:

      • Add as a trusted sender.

      • Update the automatic transfer rule.
        For example, to transfer our emails from Outlook to Gmail, set the rule - “When receiving emails from > transfer to Gmail mailbox”

    • If you have not received the email in your default mailbox, please contact your company's IT department to add as a trusted sender in the generic company mailbox rules.

  • Your company automatically forward all emails from Criteo to another mailbox or folder

    If yes, be sure to check the mailbox or the folders.

  • Check your Spam/Junk folders
    There is a chance the email has been flagged as Spam.
    Add as a trusted sender and move the email from the Spam folder to Mailbox. We also advise you to check with your company's IT department that your company's antispam solution allows emails from

Please wait for 5 minutes before asking for a new security code
Sometimes the email takes up to 5 minutes to be delivered. You can ask for a new security code, by clicking on Send a new code.

How to whitelist

A whitelist is a list of email addresses that you accept to receive email from directly in your mailbox and that will not be blocked by any software. This way, you can be sure to always receive our emails and not miss anything important.

Of course, every email system is different.

Below, you’ll find the instructions to whitelist emails for the popular service providers:


  1. Open your Gmail account and select Contact > Create contact.

  2. In "Email", enter

  3. Click “Save.”


  1. On the top right corner, select “Options.”

  2. Select  “Other options.”

  3. Then click on “Junk Mail Management” >  “Allowed and Blocked Senders.”

  4. Click on "Authorized senders".

  5. Enter our email and click on “Add.”

  6. Check the "Junk" folder to make sure that the emails from are not spam

  7. If there are emails from, select them and click the "Do not treat as junk" button. / iPhone / iPad:

  1. In your inbox, find an email from and open the email by clicking on it.

  2. The sender will appear as Criteo. Click on it.

  3. Click on "Save" in the new window that opens.

macOS Mail:

  1. In your inbox, find an email from Criteo/ and open it.

  2. Click the name of the Sender Criteo/

  3. Click on the small down arrow to the Criteo sender's right.

  4. Select "Add to Contacts."

  5. A new window opens. Select "Done."
    Next, you will create a "Rule" that automatically moves our messages to your inbox. This will prevent them from ending up as junk mail or spam.

  6. From the menu at the top left, select "Menu > Preferences."

  7. Click on the "Rules" icon on the right, then on "Add a rule."

  8. Give your rule a name and select: "One of" "A recipient" "contains"

  9. Add the address

  10. "Move the message to the "Inbox".

  11. Then click on Ok > Apply.

Outlook 2007-2010 :

  1. In your inbox, find an email from Criteo/ and right-click on it.

  2. Select “Junk mail” from the left panel.

  3. Click on "Add the sender to the list of trusted senders".


Outlook (depending on the version):

  1. Select the "Tools" menu and click on "Options."

  2. In the "Preferences" tab, select "Junk Mail."

  3. From the "Approved Senders" tab, select "Add."

  4. In the "Add address or domain" field, enter the address

  5. Click “OK.”


  1. Open your Yahoo account

  2. Click on "Options" at the top right and then "Yahoo mail options".

  3. In the left column, click on "Filters."

  4. Now, click on the "Create or modify filters" link.

  5. Select "Add."

  6. In the field next to "Sender contains", add our address

  7. Make sure that “contains” is selected everywhere.

  8. Select “Move message to”, and choose “Inbox”.