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How Criteo supports our customers without third-party cookies

Criteo has a multi-pronged strategy that optimizes addressability support in real-time during every ad call instance.

  • We enable targeting, measurement, creative and product recommendations, and so much more by connecting demand to matched supply via future-proof first-party identifiers.

  • We use first-party data when available for authenticated users in Chrome, as well as on other browsers and environments.

  • We leverage Google Privacy Sandbox in Chrome where unauthenticated users can still be reached on a user level within the Privacy Sandbox APIs.

  • We also connect our clients directly to highly addressable Closed Environments like Retail Media Onsite and Social, right from within our platforms.

You can learn more about our addressability strategy by listening in to our Chief Product Officer, Todd Parsons, during his recorded webinar for partners here.

Maximize your readiness for a cookieless future

We encourage you to go through this checklist that has all the information you need to be addressability-ready.