Dynamic Creative Optimization+

Dynamic Creative Optimization+ powers our product recommendation ads by determining the right design for every device, for every context, and for every stage of the shopper journey — maximizing the impact of your video and display ads.


How does it work?

Insights from 2+ billion monthly shoppers generate real-time ads personalized for every individual and aligned with your brand standards. Our technology uses machine learning to choose for each shopper and context, the most relevant set of visual components to display, optimizing both the content and the creative.


What does Dynamic Creative Optimization+ mean for you?

If your ad isn’t customized to what a shopper wants at that moment, it’s essentially invisible. Most marketers know that personalization is the most powerful way for your ads to stand out, especially in today's noisy digital world. DCO+ ensures your ads are visually effective in conveying their content and messaging.


Here are a few of the benefits of DCO+:

Deliver on-brand ads, consistently: Build your on-brand design framework, capturing all the elements needed for real-time ad generation including colors, fonts, navigations, calls-to-action, and more.

Tailor ad elements to each shopper with AI: Real-Time Creative Optimization (RTCO) takes microseconds to select design elements from your framework for each ad, based on a powerful predictive AI that considers 120+ shopper intent signals, such as products viewed and sites visited.

Reach more shoppers with relevant ads: Freedom from size and layout restrictions allows personalized designs to be rendered dynamically for any device and display inventory at just the right time — bringing you maximum shopper reach and results.


See DCO+ in action at the creative formats gallery