Criteo Starter Guide

Welcome to Criteo!

This guide introduces everything you need to know to get started with Criteo. We begin with:

Commerce Growth, the user interface you use to manage your advertising campaigns throughout their life cycles.

Accessing Commerce Growth

Login to Commerce Growth here.

If you encounter several product options after logging in, select Commerce Growth.

Watch this video to learn more about Commerce Growth.

Before creating a campaign

You need to first integrate the tags and creative elements of your ads.

We'll talk more about Creatives later, because your first consideration should be if you have an inventory of products/services — this determines if your campaigns should be set up for dynamic or static ads.

Static or Dynamic ads?

If you do not have an inventory (e.g. quiz websites) or you are advertising a single product/service like a subscription, we would generally recommend setting up static ads.

If you have an inventory, we would typically recommend setting up dynamic ads for most e-commerce websites (e.g. retail, travel, or rental), where users browse, add items to a cart, and purchase the products.

The set-up processes are different, so select the option that is relevant to your intended ad campaign.