Criteo Shopper Graph

Criteo Shopper Graph is the world’s largest open shopper data set. Based on over 120 shopping intent signals and 35B daily historic browsing and transaction events from 72% of all online shoppers, it represents a massive amount of granular shopper data.

Activated by best-in-class machine learning from the Criteo AI Engine, Criteo Shopper Graph fuels maximum performance for retailers and brands.

How does it work?
Criteo Shopper Graph is organized into three data collectives: identity graph, interest map, and measurement data. 

What does it mean for you?
Criteo Shopper Graph levels the playing field by allowing businesses of all sizes to personalize ad campaigns and target audiences just like the tech giants. More coverage from Criteo Shopper Graph means better personalization delivered to more relevant users, no matter your marketing objective. And that means less money wasted on people who don’t convert.

Here are a few of the benefits for you and your campaigns:

Better personalization
With 2+ billion global IDs matched across 150+ shopper intent signals on 35 million daily shopping and browsing events, Criteo knows your customers and your prospective customers. Every ad is tailored for them.

Better reach
Criteo works across Facebook & Google properties. We also reach 4,000+ publisher websites directly, which means Criteo ads get placed before others on top-tier publication and media websites.

Better spend
Since Criteo can identify the best possible customers across the Criteo Shopper Graph, we don’t waste your money on ads that won’t work. Every ad is shown to the audiences who are most likely to buy.