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SHA256 and MD5 (Preferred)

Criteo is migrating our identity graph from hashing our emails via MD5/SHA256MD5 to SHA256. To maximize match rates between your data and our identity graph, especially during the migration period, please share either legacy format (MD5 or SHA256MD5) alongside the new SHA256 format.

Here is an example of the SHA256 hashed email alongside an MD5 email sent in the setEmail event:

{ event: "setEmail", email: "##Hashed Email Address##", hash_method: "md5" }

{ event: "setEmail", email: "##Hashed Email Address##", hash_method: "sha256" }

The setEmail event should be added to all of the Criteo event tags that are on your website (e.g. Homepage, Product. AddToCart, Basket, Sales/Conversion), so that the email is passed whenever your website has it available.

Shown in the below steps are examples of how this event looks in Criteo's Homepage tag with the combination of MD5 alongside SHA256, or the combination of SHA256MD5 alongside SHA256