Criteo AI Engine

Our advanced AI algorithms analyze data in real-time from the Criteo Shopper Graph, the world’s largest open shopper data set, with insights from 1.9B active monthly shoppers and $800B in annual e-commerce sales. As our engine learns from real shopper behaviors, it continuously adapts to your campaign objectives.

The Criteo AI Engine powers our hyper-relevant ad technology with three core components:

Predictive bidding: Predictive Bidding uses a wealth of shopper data to determine the value of every impression to you. We place the bids that get the most for your budget and your objectives.

Product recommendations: Leverage your full product catalog and entice shoppers with the products they’ll love. Our Product Recommendations technology displays the products most likely to drive a customer to your site or app and convert them.

Dynamic Creative Optimization+ (DCO+): Our DCO+ technology scales your creatives and serves the best visual elements for each impression to produce stunning ads based on your brand guidelines.

What does this mean for you?
Every marketer knows that personalization is important when you’re running an ad campaign. But in an era where customers are constantly switching between devices and channels, personalized ads aren’t enough. You need AI-powered, hyper-relevant ads.

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