Audience Performance report

The Audience Performance report helps you understand how each audience segment performs in an ad set where you have used Criteo’s Commerce Audiences. 

The report also provides insights into the reach and overlap of each audience segment in your ad set. This can help you to refine your future advertising strategy. 

Access the report through Criteo’s Analytics module, under Performance and Audience Performance.

How to use this report

To access the data available in the Audience Performance report, you must have an ad set live, paused, or finished using Criteo’s Commerce Audiences. 

Note: if you have recently launched an ad set using Criteo’s Commerce Audiences, it will take one to two days for the Audience Performance Report to be displayed. The report will automatically update with refreshed data every 24 hours.

Report components:
  • Audience Size: Potential users or devices (note: when several devices can be related to one user, it is counted as “1”)
  • Reach: Share of potential users from who have been served an ad
  • Potential Displays: Number of display opportunities or number of bid requests received
  • Exposed Users: Number of potential users who have been served an ad

The insights are broken down into two sections:
  • Audience Demographics: Visualize the composition of your selected audience based on the demographics from Criteo’s dataset
    • Gender: Users who regularly buy items relevant to either women or men in the past 90 days
    • Purchasing Power: Users who regularly buy items of low, medium, high or very high pricing range in the past 90 days
  • Audience Performance: Visualize the performance of each audience segment based on interests from Criteo’s dataset
    • Category Interests: Users who are actively browsing, adding to basket and/or purchasing specific items in the past 90 days
    • Brand Interests: Users who are actively browsing specific brand names in the past 90 days

See example report 
How to read the data

The Audience Performance chart shows the performance of each segment you have targeted in your ad set based on the reach as well as the size of the audience. The X-axis displays the reach of each segment, and the size of the bubble represents the size of each segment. 

If your reach is low, you can then adjust the CPM of your ad set or future ad sets for improvement. 
Within the chart, you'll also see additional Category or Brand interests that your target segment is most likely to be interested in. 

Criteo displays:
  • Top overlapping segments: Some users in your audience are interested in several categories. We call this an “overlap”. Here we show you the top categories or brands that users in your selected categories are also interested in
  • Overlapping percentage: The percentage of users in the selected audience that are also part of another segment