Activity Logs

Use Activity Logs to review all events and actions on your Criteo campaigns. You can access Activity Logs from the Settings section in the Navigation Bar in Criteo Management Center.

Activity Logs give you an overview of all actions that might have an impact on the performance of your Criteo campaigns and ad sets. For each action, you see who performed the action (Client, Criteo, automated), along with the date, time, and other details (such as a budget ID).

Activity Logs provide logs on actions regarding campaigns, ad sets, budget, catalog, ad safety, and tracking. Activity Logs do not include logs on user management in Management Center. The list of available logs will be expanded continuously.

You can track all actions performed on an account from January 2020 to the present. Events are available a few seconds after they occur. A maximum of 90 days of activity logs can be viewed at a time. 

Activity Logs examples:

  • Ad set created
  • Bid request approved
  • Budget amount created
  • Catalog component schedule updated
  • Click tracking modified

Several search and filter options are available. Some filters are available directly onscreen; for other filters, click on the filter icon.

Available filters include:

  • Changes made by
  • User name
  • Scope
  • Campaign
  • Ad set
  • Budget
It is not currently possible to download Activity Logs.

Additional options

For each log line, you can see a more detailed view by clicking the eye icon:

 You can also adapt the time range for your reviews: