How to Upload and Create a Contact List

A Contact List allows you to use your own customer data to create an audience.

You can create a Contact List by uploading either:

  • An email CRM file containing plain text email addresses, an MD5 hash of plain text emails, or a SHA256 hash of previously MD5 hashed emails

  • user identifier list containing user identifiers such as IDFA, AAID, or Criteo Cookie ID

Create a name for your contact list. Make sure you name it around the characteristics of that list so you can easily identify it later on.


  1. Navigate to the Audiences tab under Assets in the navigation menu 

  2. Toggle to the Segments tab

  3. Click “Create segment” and select Contact list 

  4. Name your new Contact List segment and upload either an email list or a user identifier list  

  5. After making your selection, click the file upload icon to upload your segment file and save the segment 

To target your Contact List segment in an ad set, follow the campaign creation process by clicking here.