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Plain text

Please use the setEmail event if you are passing plain text emails.

In the event that a plain email address is sent, Criteo will then encrypt the user's email address automatically before it is saved in our database. Here is an example of the plain-text email sent in the setEmail event:

{ event: "setEmail", email: "" },

In the event that you are unable to pass either an unhashed or hashed email address, please simply pass us an empty string:

{ event: "setEmail", email: "" },

The setEmail event should be added to all of the Criteo event tags that are on your website (e.g. Homepage, Product. AddToCart, Basket, Sales/Conversion), so that the email is passed whenever your website has it available.

Shown here is an example of how this event looks using SHA256 hash in Criteo's Homepage tag.