Step 2: Building your first Ad set

At Criteo, an Ad set determines how your ads will be displayed.   Creating an Ad set involves 5 main steps: 

  1. Setting up general rules: Such as the Ad set name, media type and objective you want your Ad set to accomplish.   

  1. Defining your audience: Select the attributes of users who will see your ads.

  1. Display targeting: Refine the users in your audience that your ad set will target based on the devices they use, where they are located when the ad is served, the types of content and publishers where the ads will be served. There are also additional options available for video Ad sets.

  1. Budget and schedule: Define how you would like to manage your spending and budget established for your Ad set. You can also define a schedule if you do not plan for your Ad set to remain always on.

  1. Tracking: Define any required tracking you need to monitor your Ad set’s performance.